Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Magadheera Movie Review

The story begins in 1609. Kalabhairava (ram charan) is a guard of udayagarh kingdom.
His family is praised by everyone for their sacrifice for the kingdom. Mithra (Kajal agarwal)
is the only princess of the kingdom. Bhairava and mithra fells in love with each other while
her relative Rao Ramesh wants to marry mithra to capture the throne. He loses a challenge with
Bhairava for marrying mithra and he is sent out of the kingdom as per the challenge. In the bhairava's ancestral backround, no male lives more than 30 years and all of them died for protecting the kingdom.

The king is worried about that and pleades bhairava to sacrifice his love. Mean while Rao ramesh mingles with Share Khan (srihari) who is in a spree of conquering India and in process nears the udayagarh kingdom to conquer the kingdom of udayagarh. They kill everyone in the kingdom in the absence of bhairava who wents with Mithra to Bhairava kona (a spiritual place) to offer yagnas for the welfare of the kingdom. The enemies come to that place to kill bhairava and conquer the prncess. Bhairava and mithra dies there after the fight.

The second shade of the story is in 2009 where bhairava, mithra, share han and Rao Ramesh takes rebirth in this century. The story is then all about winning their love in this birth.

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