Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mohanlal Family photo gallery

Mohanlal Family Photos

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Navya Nair Wedding News!!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kavya is Mohanlal’s heroine!

Kavya Madhavan is making sensational comeback as Mohanlal’s heroine in Joshy directed Christian Brothers!

Sources close to Kavya says she is very happy to make a comeback in “Joshy sir’s film opposite Lalettan”. Remember her cameo in Twenty:20 was appreciated. Padmapriya will play the role of Mohanlal’s sister in the film which is scripted by Sibi and Udayan.

Tamil ‘Action King’ Arjun will play an important role in the film. The others in this multi starrer are Suresh Gopi and Dileep. The shoot of this film produced by Anoop (Medimix) and Subair is to start from October 28 in Kochi.

Christian Brothers will be shot in one single schedule and likely released in the last week of March 2010, as the big summer release.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Kerala Cafe Movie stills

Island Express will be the name of the Short film Rahman is acting in Kerala Cafe, a medley of 10 short films directed by 10 directors.Rahman will be presented in two different looks in the film. Prithviraj and Jayasoorya are other actors in Island Express.

Each individual short film of Kerala Cafe would have an identity of its own. The duration of the whole collection would be around two hours, similar to that of a normal movie. The common binding theme of the whole film would be that journey.

Shankar Ramakrishnan is the director of Island Express. Kerala Cafe, which is to strike the theatres this Ramzan was censored recently and has been cleared as well.

Navya-Dileep-Together in Nostalgia

Actress Navya Nair and actor Dileep make one of the best onscreen pairs in Malayalam films. The two have been a part of many hit films, one of them being Kalyanaraman. They will now appear together in M Padmakumar’s Nostalgia. It will be a 10-minute film, which will actually be part of Kerala CafĂ©.

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Shilpa Shetty Engagement

Actress Shilpa Shetty is finally getting engaged to her beau Raj Kundra in Mumbai on Saturday, 24 October, 2009.

A source close to the actress told “Yes she is getting engaged on Saturday and only family members and close friends have been invited to attend the engagement ceremony.”

The engagement according to sources will be held at Raj’s flat in Juhu. Shetty’s engagement outfit has been designed by Manish Malhotra and the jewellery is being designed by Anmol Jewellers.

I have designed a very pretty pink saree with a red border for Shilpa. It’s a very simple saree.”

Anmol Jewellery partner Ishu Datwani said, “Yes we are designing the engagement jewellery for Shilpa. We have basically designed the necklace, earrings and bangles. All the jewellery has been custom made. We will also be designing her wedding jewellery but I am not authorised to speak about any more details right now.”

The wedding will take place in December this year.

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Swantham Lekhakan - Swale Malyalam Movie Photos,Stills

Dileep is now doing the film Swantham Lekhakan (Swa Le) which will feature him as a journalist after the film Culcatta News. The movie is the debut venture of cinematographer P sukumar as a director. The movie to be produced in the banner of colour factory will be the Christmas release from Dileep. This film, which is the directorial debut for the ace cameraman P Sukumar will bring Gopika back into acting. The shooting for this film will get completed in a month.

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Kerala Cafe to hit the screens this October 29

Malayalam movie Kerala Cafe with its medley 10 short movies of 10 minutes each by 10 filmmakers is expected to hit the screens on October 29. Filmmaker Renjith had conceptualized this venture. Eminent directors like Lal Jose, B Unnikrishnan, Revathy, Shaji Kailas, Shyamprasad, Padmakumar, Uday Ananthan, Anjali Menon and debutante Shankar Ramakrishnan have joined hands with him for this project.

Kerala Cafe with travel as the binding theme will throw light upon the modern lives and situations of the Malayalees. This 135 minutes long movie has a rich star cast as well with artistes like Mammootty, Sureshgopi, Jayaram, Prithviraj, Jayasurya, Kalabhavan Mani, Jagathy Sreekumar, Salimkumar, Rahman and many others.

This innovative movie will have a premier show at the famous Middle East international film fest that is to commence this week. Other highlights of the movie are that it is not a big budget movie as many artistes acted for free. So too Renjith guarantees that the movie will be one that will cater to the tastes of one and all.

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Interview with Rahman

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tamil Film Madhan Movie Stills...

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Magadheera Movie Review

The story begins in 1609. Kalabhairava (ram charan) is a guard of udayagarh kingdom.
His family is praised by everyone for their sacrifice for the kingdom. Mithra (Kajal agarwal)
is the only princess of the kingdom. Bhairava and mithra fells in love with each other while
her relative Rao Ramesh wants to marry mithra to capture the throne. He loses a challenge with
Bhairava for marrying mithra and he is sent out of the kingdom as per the challenge. In the bhairava's ancestral backround, no male lives more than 30 years and all of them died for protecting the kingdom.

The king is worried about that and pleades bhairava to sacrifice his love. Mean while Rao ramesh mingles with Share Khan (srihari) who is in a spree of conquering India and in process nears the udayagarh kingdom to conquer the kingdom of udayagarh. They kill everyone in the kingdom in the absence of bhairava who wents with Mithra to Bhairava kona (a spiritual place) to offer yagnas for the welfare of the kingdom. The enemies come to that place to kill bhairava and conquer the prncess. Bhairava and mithra dies there after the fight.

The second shade of the story is in 2009 where bhairava, mithra, share han and Rao Ramesh takes rebirth in this century. The story is then all about winning their love in this birth.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Silandhi Movie review

While thriller as a genre finds few takers in Tamil cinema (remember Akku?), Silandhi is an attempt to reopen the topic. The movie defies the rules of Tamil cinema, running only to 100 minutes (although not without songs). A commendable attempt, though. However, there are no excuses for trying an overused and tawdry storyline. Besides, using contemporary issues (that seem forced and biased) to give the story a new-look is barely justification enough.

While the honeymoon couple, Munna and Monicka, make merry, Monicka is haunted with a few incidents and strongly feels the possibility of a stalker intruding their private lives. To make matters worse, her friends are brutally slaughtered by a stranger. When
things go out of hand, she spills the beans about the party-hard and blind date lifestyle of her roomies before marriage and how it culminated into the murder of an innocent man. And the worst of her fears are realized when the stalker’s identification is revealed.

Silandhi could have been one of the creepiest thrillers, however, the director’s conviction in portraying the lifestyle of young girls (IT professionals, it is told) as sex-maniacs seems contrived and lacks credibility. And the movie falls flat on its nose when the stalker delivers a two-page dialogue about how his dreams of marrying off his sister and taking care of his elderly mother were shattered owing to these girls’ crude sexual desires.


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